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Netflix is the New Black Indeed

In an earlier blog post more than a year ago, I was extremely down on Netflix and thought they had blown it by fiddling around with their pricing structure.  But boy do I have egg on my face. According to a recent story in The New York Daily News,  1.3 new U.S. subscribers signed on during the third quarter alone, helping the company post a 22 percent increase over its third-quarter number last year. No surprise then, after that data was announced, the stock soared 10 percent.

Why the love affair? I think it’s pretty simple, since I am one of those fans with a mad crush. First of all, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are both first rate shows with excellent actors, writing and production. And second, what I really love about these shows (and Netflix in general) is the ability to watch them anytime, anywhere, in any environment.

My location of choice is the treadmill. I hang my iPad in front of me, pop in a set of earphones, and I’m off and power walking for the next 50 minutes or so while enjoying top-notch entertainment. The calorie burn and cardiovascular workout are icing on the cake. I’m actually disappointed when the episode ends.

Now that I’ve blown through my two favorite shows, I’ve started downloading movies and other television shows. I mean, really, how great is that?

With its recent, multiple Golden Globes nominations, Netflix is definitely on to something new and exciting. It just shows that a brand can overcome a stumble when looking at the world through a new color lens.


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O News, Where Art Thou?

This just in: news consumption on the web is up, but down via newspapers…with the gap widening every day. So says “The State of the News Media 2012,” the annual report on American journalism by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism.

More than four in ten American adults own a smartphone; one in five owns a tablet. All this mobility actually makes us want to consume more news – at our desks, on the run, out to lunch. So far, so good. But here’s where it gets ugly: total newspaper and newspaper-affiliated website revenue continues to decline. Same goes for network and local television and magazines.

At the same time, Pew reports that a more fundamental change is intensifying as the extent to which technology intermediaries – Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. – are taking control of the future of news.

Think about it. How are you consuming your news?  What media sources do you trust?

On the surface, there’s nothing particularly sexy about this report. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that for consumers, the Pew Center’s findings are a mixed bag.

Read the full report here.

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