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This New Year, I resolve to…

…take a good look at my marketing initiatives. Click here to learn more.


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Buzz-Making Alert!

Harvard Business School…I hope you’re listening. There’s no better successful marketing case study then Miami, Florida USA. From boom to bust to boom again. From God’s waiting room to the young and beautiful to the not so young and not so beautiful. It doesn’t matter…everyone wants in.

City leaders, visionary business people and the pros at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (and a host of others too numerous to name) deserve credit for turning the lemons of the infamous 1981 “Paradise Lost” Time magazine cover story into today’s drink-the-lemonade arts orgy better known as Art Basel Miami Beach. Want a taste? See what’s in store this week.


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Today’s Lesson: Viral vs. Social

Modern technology has empowered all of us to spread the word about anything under the sun. has posted an excellent overview of social media marketing vs. viral marketing:

“In viral marketing, the brand loses control of message distribution, yet messages remain intact. Participants are rewarded by the act of participating. Brands get sudden impact and short-term engagement.

Going social is an attempt to get those who choose your brand to become advocates in their physical and virtual societies. Equipped with easy to remember and easy to relate brand messages, you enter into a covenant knowing they won’t deliver your messages quite the way you hope, but they’ll make up for it in loyalty and evangelism. “

Read the article here to understand the key differences between these two important marketing tactics, and why you need to embrace them…whether you are marketing a product or selling a cause.

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