One Hot (Maybe) Strategic Mess

“You can watch that performance and think that’s a hot mess,” she said. “But it’s a strategic hot mess. … If I wanted a raunchy sex show, I wouldn’t have been dressed as a damned bear.” So says Miley “Twerker” Cyrus in the New York Daily News.

Give me a break.

Miley is now spinning that this was a PR ploy to game-change her brand from innocence to “inner bad b-tch.” 

Since the VMA performance, Cyrus broke off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, posed topless for Rolling Stone, got “Rolling Stone” tattooed on her feet, admitted to smoking marijuana, spanked a twerking little person onstage and bended over onto all fours so that a monkey dressed as a cowboy could hop on her back.

Weeks after the VMA Awards, Miley is still all over the news, and has definitely exposed her inner bad b-tch. So I guess you could say her strategy was a success. Did she sell any more records, get cast in any new movies, find a new beau? Time will tell. But in the process she sure did trash her reputation. And I mean trash.

So, take it from Professor PR: Whatever you do, don’t ever try rebranding á la Miley. Promise? Or you could end up nothing more than just a piece of garbage.


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