Mommy, I Need New PR

Years ago, when my daughter was just a few months old, I was doing the new mommy juggle. You know, diaper changes, late-night feedings, walking the cranky little monster around the block, answering a few emails. Okay, scratch the emails. We didn’t have email back then. Heck, I don’t even think we had fax machines.

One thing I can tell you I wasn’t doing was worrying about my PR team. Life was pretty simple.

Woe to today’s celebrity diva. She’s got so much on her mind, like, “When is this damn weight gonna come off already, so the paparazzi don’t snap a shot before I can sell the cover shot to People for a gazillion dollars?”  Or, “Can I just take a stroll to Starbucks looking like the exhausted mother I am without every Tom, Dick and Harry taking a photo on their smart phone? Geez.”

But, alas, times have changed. Poor Kim Kardashian needs a new PR flak so she can distance herself from her krazy kinfolk. One sis with a drug beat hubby. Another sis blowing air kisses into her iPhone video while driving. Yet another sis stripping down to her skivvies to show off her curves. Oh, and her mom, the Big K, talking sex tapes with Big Bruce. I mean, c’mon, what’s a girl gotta do to protect her image around here?

Kim, I have to admit, Professor PR is proud of you. You are definitely doing the right thing. Protect your brand at all costs. You’re already heading North. It’s definitely better than heading South. Business is business. Families are complicated. Your family is, well, I don’t know a word for your family. Are you guys even human anymore? Or just walking ATMs?

Yes, protect your brand, absolutely. Otherwise, the rest of us will have to collect unemployment since there won’t be anyone nearly as interesting to skewer.

I take that back. I’m twerking on Miley. Now, THAT’S a girl with a PR problem.


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  1. Jorge Joison

    Lisa, great post! The perfect blending of entertainment, content and opinion.

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