Don’t Wear Our Clothes

This Jersey girl is not happy with the situation. No, not that Situation. The Abercrombie & Fitch situation. Isn’t it just a tad bit, um, racist, to tell a nice Italian boy from New Jersey NOT to wear your clothes?

Or, is this a PR stunt gone terribly wrong? I’m referring to their stock going south on the news today.

So, let me see if I get the strategy: you announce to the world that you are going to pay a celebrity to toss the t’s just to get a little media attention? The media bites, of course, and you have press hits all over the globe.

Negativity builds the brand. Is that what squeaky clean Abercrombie has become?

Professor PR needs a glass of good Italian Chianti to mull over today’s grade. How would you score it?



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