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If it Walks Like a Duck

If I convened a group of strangers to discuss the Fox News brand, would it be surprising if the words “conservative” and “right wing” popped up to describe the network’s core values? Of course not. But would it surprise you that they’re being taken to court to see just how connected Fox News is to the Republican Party?

The New York Times reported today that Gawker blogger John Cook plans to file a civil suit again New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to obtain records of this communications with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, a former Republican strategist. Cook wants to know what’s up with their relationship and whether “the nation’s most-watched cable news channel is acting as a political consultant to a prospective Republican presidential candidate.”

Cook’s end game: the public acknowledgement that Fox News can’t brand itself as an impartial news outlet. “They are actually a power base within the Republican Party,” Cook asserts in an interview.

If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s…an elephant?

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Jane Fonda Dumped by QVC

Jane Fonda claims QVC dumped her due to political pressure over an incident that happened 40 years ago. Huh? Can’t you come with a better excuse than “we change the schedule all the time?” More details at

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Netflix No-No: 60% Price Hike

We’re in the dog days of summer, and people are hot and bothered. Young people, in particular, have a lot of time on their hands. Yesterday, they turned their wrath on Netflix, which hiked its prices 60%.

Bad timing, Netflix, and a bad blow to your brand.

Thousands of subscribers have made their anger known by taking to the Internet airwaves, and my guess is that it’s only a matter of days before we see the first marketing offensive from Redbox and Blockbuster. Consumers will be all ears.

Take the Professor. A Netflix customer for several years, who throws on a DVD mainly while trotting on the treadmill, she will now take a look at less expensive alternatives. Why? Because she didn’t utilize Netflix to its fullest potential, and she didn’t care. The price was right and she never gave it another thought.

The Professor’s advice to Netflix: ramp up your crisis management PR, you’re going to need it.

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