Hasta La Vista, Baby

Talk about blowing your brand. What is it with older, male politicians? Aren’t they supposed to be slowing down as they get older? Or is the limelight so much of an aphrodisiac that one throws out all good judgement?

This weeks two new names were added to the list of brand busters: former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has admitted to fathering the child of an ex-employee,  and the head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, sitting in the slammer following his arrest for sexual assault on a hotel maid.

Thanks to 21st century technology and the sheer wattage of this news, these politicians can rest assured that the smearing of their names will reach every corner of the globe. If John Edwards or Eliot Spitzer are any indication, re-branding will be a long, slow road. Bon voyage.

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