PR Makeover Done Right

I never was much of a Jennifer Lopez fan, but “American Idol” proved me wrong. And it seems others as well.  According to a story in today’s New York Times, the audience numbers are up this 10th season, much to the surprise of many.

Jennifer, like Angelina Jolie, has completely transformed her public image. Remember the Versace dress she wore while on the arms of her then-beau, Puff Daddy/P.  Diddy/whatever? And the ridiculous film she made with then-fiancée, Ben Affleck, who always seemed to be embarrassed by her glitzy clothing, cars and diamonds?

Now she is Mrs. Marc Anthony, nurturing mother of twins. And we believe her. Why? Because we’ve been watching her week after week spontaneously nurture the rising stars on “American Idol.” Although she is beautiful on the outside, now we’ve come to see her inner beauty. No PR guru, I don’t care how fabulous they are, can do that for a client.

Her PR makeover is all hers, and hers alone. The Professor gives her an A+.

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