Bite-Size Journalism

Thanks to a well-placed article in today’s New York Times, I discovered a news product that is exactly what I’ve been looking for in today’s overloaded information society. It’s called The Week, a compilation of 100-word news bites rounded up from other international news organizations. What’s not to get excited about finding something to read that hits the sweet spot between headline news and Time magazine?

The formula is apparently working because the news magazine is growing (and earned a $4 million profit last year). In addition, traffic to its web site hovers at one million monthly visitors, although my hunch is today’s article will result in a readership spike.

So what will you find in the magazine? Excerpts from a variety of news articles and opinion columns on each topic, plus film and book reviews and obituaries (I confess, I am a big reader of obituaries). And there’s a section called “Best Properties on the Market.” How fun is that?

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