Can He Be Saved?

Charlie Sheen’s PR meltdown continues unabated, with his latest rant focused on the $320 million “mental anguish” lawsuit he says he plans to file against CBS for shutting down his show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Sometimes, a PR battle waged through the media can have a positive impact because it gives the aggrieved party much needed face-time with the public to sell their side of the story. In the case of Charlie Sheen, however, he’s had nothing but negative press for months now, so his relentless temper tantrums are turning people off.

I suspect that he doesn’t listen to his advisors, who probably would like him to shut up already  in order to begin the slow process of regaining his once limitless positive reputation.

Here’s the latest story from New York Post.

Professor PR gives him an F.  What is your grade?

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