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Can He Be Saved? Part II

For soiled reputations, it’s hard to beat John Edwards’. It will be a long, long time before he’ll have any positive PR.

The latest news, published in today’s New York Times, is that Edwards has been MIA, most likely because a federal grand jury in Raleigh may soon indict him for misappropriating campaign finances (for the care of his baby mama and baby). Dozens of people have been subpoenaed, including campaign campaign workers, top aides, friends and his lover, Rielle Hunter. The feds have even interviewed 100-year-old “Bunny” Mellon, who may have given as much as $6 million. Talk about not leaving any stone unturned.

To make matters worse, Edwards is also caught up in a civil suit brought by Hunter against Andrew Young, the campaign aide who covered up for his boss by claiming paternity of the couple’s child. He later penned a tell-all book on the messy affair. Oh, and did I mention the sex tape that Hunter says Young took from her? That trial, scheduled to begin next week, has been postponed until the fall.

No, don’t expect to see anything nice for at least another decade.

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Can He Be Saved?

Charlie Sheen’s PR meltdown continues unabated, with his latest rant focused on the $320 million “mental anguish” lawsuit he says he plans to file against CBS for shutting down his show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Sometimes, a PR battle waged through the media can have a positive impact because it gives the aggrieved party much needed face-time with the public to sell their side of the story. In the case of Charlie Sheen, however, he’s had nothing but negative press for months now, so his relentless temper tantrums are turning people off.

I suspect that he doesn’t listen to his advisors, who probably would like him to shut up already  in order to begin the slow process of regaining his once limitless positive reputation.

Here’s the latest story from New York Post.

Professor PR gives him an F.  What is your grade?

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Today’s Lesson: Viral vs. Social

Modern technology has empowered all of us to spread the word about anything under the sun. has posted an excellent overview of social media marketing vs. viral marketing:

“In viral marketing, the brand loses control of message distribution, yet messages remain intact. Participants are rewarded by the act of participating. Brands get sudden impact and short-term engagement.

Going social is an attempt to get those who choose your brand to become advocates in their physical and virtual societies. Equipped with easy to remember and easy to relate brand messages, you enter into a covenant knowing they won’t deliver your messages quite the way you hope, but they’ll make up for it in loyalty and evangelism. “

Read the article here to understand the key differences between these two important marketing tactics, and why you need to embrace them…whether you are marketing a product or selling a cause.

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A Whole New World

Publishers and other suppliers of content may not be rejoicing about Apple’s new App Store media subscription service for iPhones and iPads, but it sounds good to me.

It works like this: users will be able to buy a set-length subscription to an App and be charged through the App Store. Instead of requiring consumers to return every week or month to purchase their favorite pubs, the new service will be a consumer-friendly experience. Apple will keep 30% of the subscription fee, which, of course, doesn’t please the media barons, but I think this is a tremendous opportunity.

Look, we want fresh content. We want to be connected. We want to know what’s going on in the world. And we want it seamlessly. Besides, it’s too late to turn back the clock.

Read more.

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The Long Snooze is Over

Professor PR has returned from her sabbatical. While she was gone, the birds were chirping and Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire. Egypt fell. Andy Cohen became king of the housewives. Time to hunker down and have some fun. Stay tuned.

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