Is All PR Good PR?

By now everyone knows about the White House party-crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, and about Mrs. Salahi’s desire to be in the cast of Bravo’s upcoming reality TV show, The Housewives of D.C.

This morning, I watched them talk to Matt Lauer on Today. They put on a mighty good show, denying that they did anything wrong. In fact, they said it’s been a “most devastating experience.” (Really?)

In an Associated Press story today, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs insisted that the Salahis had not been invited. “This wasn’t a misunderstanding,” he said. “You don’t show up at the White House as a misunderstanding.”

I googled around and found an interesting post from the local NBC affiliate in Washington. It seems that Mrs. Salahi has already been cast in the show. Could it be that this was all part of the PR plan to hype the show? Sure makes sense to me. But maybe someone forgot to clear it with the White House?

Today, it seems, people will do just about anything for a little PR. But take it from the Professor, there’s no reason to break the law…or social etiquette.

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