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“Bachelor” Hitched to Good PR Strategy

 The folks at ABC have good reason to be in love with their public relations strategy for The Bachelor, about to begin its 14th season on Jan. 4: it works. Just weeks before a new bachelor (or bachelorette) takes center stage, some sort of drama occurs that provides a pretext for “news” reporting. The Internet lights up as the scandal makes its way from website to blog to Twitter to Facebook.

The horror this time around? One of the bachelorettes has fallen in love with a member of the reality TV crew, and tongues are wagging. Poor bachelor Jake, guess we’ve got to tune in to see what happens.

Making news, real or imagined, is always a PR marriage made in heaven.

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Holiday Reading: Novels, Magazines and Twitter Manifesto

From Edith Wharton to Vanity Fair to Randy Gage’s “Twitter Manifesto,” my holiday reading is all over the place. But let’s face it, that’s what’s so wonderful about unplugging from the office and daily routines at home. I wholeheartedly recommened all three, although if your idea of fun is sticking to the Internet, Gage’s manifesto is a fun and informative read. If you want to learn some quick tips about what NOT to do (and WHO not to be), check it out.

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Good Move, Tiger

It’s official: Tiger Woods is putting his game on hold while he rehabilitates himself…and his image. I don’t know who is advising him about public relations, but the statement that appeared on his website is well-crafted. The journey back begins now. Read the statement here. The Professor gives Tiger an A.

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Managing Your Reputation Online: Make it a Habit

Not a day goes by without news of the latest celebrity scandal, but don’t be fooled into thinking that only boldface names get trapped in Internet hell.  Today, it’s easy to make an allegation about anyone and watch it spread like wildfire. But what if you are on the receiving end, and even worse, the story isn’t true?
Wall Street Journal reporter Elizabeth Bernstein’s Dec. 1 article, “The Dark Side of ‘Webtribution,” suggests that thanks to the Internet, vengeance is easier, and nastier, than ever. And much more prevelent.  “You can ruin someone’s life while sitting on the couch watching TV,” she writes. The Internet has turned us into a mob. 

Don’t wait to take a hit; defend your online reputation. Here’s what Bernstein suggests you can do:  

* Find out what is being said about you. Create a Google alert and Twilert on Twitter for your name. 

* Sign up for free web sites that allow you to brand yourself, such as LinkedIn, Ziggs or Naymz. 

* Buy the URL for your name.  

* Don’t respond online or in email to anyone who has said something bad about you on the Internet. 

* If someone has defamed you, report the comments if they are a violation of the site’s abusive language policy. 

* Create a blog and constantly update it. You want this fresh content to rise to the top of a search of your name.

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Is All PR Good PR?

By now everyone knows about the White House party-crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, and about Mrs. Salahi’s desire to be in the cast of Bravo’s upcoming reality TV show, The Housewives of D.C.

This morning, I watched them talk to Matt Lauer on Today. They put on a mighty good show, denying that they did anything wrong. In fact, they said it’s been a “most devastating experience.” (Really?)

In an Associated Press story today, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs insisted that the Salahis had not been invited. “This wasn’t a misunderstanding,” he said. “You don’t show up at the White House as a misunderstanding.”

I googled around and found an interesting post from the local NBC affiliate in Washington. It seems that Mrs. Salahi has already been cast in the show. Could it be that this was all part of the PR plan to hype the show? Sure makes sense to me. But maybe someone forgot to clear it with the White House?

Today, it seems, people will do just about anything for a little PR. But take it from the Professor, there’s no reason to break the law…or social etiquette.

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