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Go to the Head of the Class

Was Khloe Kardashian’s wedding to Lamar Odom the real deal? Who knows, but regardless, it was one hell of a publicity stunt, that’s for sure.

Give those kids an A! Let’s face it: this girl has no discernible talent, yet she has managed to build a brand for doing nothing. The Kardashians should write their own PR textbook. I’d make it required reading.


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Page Six…Like Eating Cotton Candy

I don’t remember exactly when I became addicted to Page Six in the New York Post, but like cotton candy, it’s just too delicious to give up. Sometimes, they get their facts mixed up, but who doesn’t? Today, I read an interesting item about how to “plant” a client in Page Six. The advice is the same for any client you’re pitching, er, planting: it’s got to be newsworthy and exclusive. I’m always amazed that publicists don’t even know the basics. Weren’t they paying attention in class? Click here to read the article from PR Newser at

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…you’re a brand so big that all you have to do to generate PR is send a cryptic note to tech journalists saying you are holding an event Sept. 9 in San Francisco. No “what,”  “how” or “why,”  just “where” and “when.” You get hundreds of hits online from all the usual media suspects but you’ve said absolutely nothing. Who else but Apple could pull this off?

Psst, they’re saying the Beatles are coming to iTunes. Now that’s what I call getting by with a little help from your friends.

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