You Mean We Actually Have to Talk?

The invitation, by e-mail, was clear. “You are cordially invited to Protocols NYC, an off the record, no tweeting, no blogging, no photos, salon.” What did they expect guests to do with themselves?

So begins Allen Salkin’s piece in today’s Styles section of the New York Times. It makes me wonder: what if, 30 years ago, when I met my blind date for our first meal together, we needed to set down that rule before our wine and cheese picnic by the Charles River in Boston? Would we have paid attention to each other instead of our cell phones? Would we have been so busy seeing what everyone was talking about online that we wouldn’t have given the date 100%? Would there have been photos that could have embarrassed us years later?

Today, you need to be aware of your online brand image — your personal PR. Prospective employers, in-laws, and spouses are essentially private detectives, so it’s important to monitor how you are perceived, online and off. Think you know what Google says about you? It changes daily so check it regularly.

Oh, one more thing before I forget: Happy 30th Anniversary, blind date. I’m so glad you called me. I kinda wish we had some photos of that picnic by the Charles!

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