The Old College Try

THE SCOOP, as reported by Kathianne Boniello, New York Post

Recent Monroe College graduate Trina Thompson “has given new meaning to a class-action lawsuit.” Seems that she can’t find work and doesn’t think her “sheepskin” was worth her time, so has filed suit in Bronx Supreme Court demanding her money back.  The 27-year-old alleges the school hasn’t lived up to its end of the bargain, and has not done enough to find her a job (she’s been looking since April). ”

“The lawsuit is completely without merit,” school spokesman Gary Axelbank said.


Was this a good PR move for Trina Thompson or will it backfire? It’s hard not to feel bad for her, given that she and her mother, with whom she lives, are struggling. They thought a $70,000 degree in information technology would give her a leg up in the job market. But is it really Monroe College’s fault that in this economy she hasn’t been able to secure a position? Of course not, but I’ve got to hand it to Ms. Thompson. Her story was published in the New York Post today, and I read it on Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if TV starts calling.  Her lawsuit might end up being the smartest thing she ever did.


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