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THE SCOOP, according to

Roger Wilson, who disappeared after starring in the first two “Porky’s” movies, has reappeared in a “surprising” new role — as the bartender at Chinese restaurant Philippe East Hampton. Wilson has apparently gone through his trust fund and now has to work for a living, according to one source. After a call (to Philippe owner Stratis Morfogen) from Page Six about Wilson turning up at Philippe, “we spoke in detail about his past — amazing guy and amazing story,” Morfogen said. “Now I’ve decided to bump Roger up to manager in our new Philippe location in Los Angeles opening this September. He is so happy to go back to Hollywood. I told him to thank you because I knew none of this.”


Really, this is a surprise? Seems awfully suspicious since Morfogen is in the midst of a court battle with competitor, Mr. Chow, who is claiming that former employee Philippe Chow changed his name, has been stealing recipes and is purposely trying to confuse diners. I know I sure am confused. Every day I read another story about these guys. It’s a PR food fight. Could the Page Six puff piece be just another chance to dish? Probably because it’s a tad bit obvious what’s going on here. I’d say it’s your move now, Mr. Chow.


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